"This is a book that needed to be written and Radison does so in a masterful fashion. Wandering Spirit, one of the more important figures in western Canadian history, has been misunderstood and misinterpreted since the day of his death by hanging in 1885. This Cree war chief has come down to most of us as the stereotypical native caricature. Due to the author’s in-depth research, tapping sources never before touched, and logical, well-thought out conclusions, we finally have a true picture of a man struggling to do his best for his people.The author’s narrative is a pleasure to read and flows smoothly as Wandering Spirit’s story rolls off the page. We all owe Radison a debt of gratitude for this definitive biography of a complex and long misrepresented native leader. No one in the future can refer to either Wander Spirit or Frog Lake without dealing with this book. A job well done!"

 --Elmer D. McInnes, Author of Bud Ballew, Legendary Oklahoma Lawman (The Globe Pequot Press)


"Radison’s Wandering Spirit is groundbreaking — his exhaustive research and sharp insights provoke the reader to re-examine the previous accounts of this war chief. The introductory chapters on Cree culture put us into the world that gave the warrior his grounding and perspective and which must be taken into account when judging his behavior. It is in this framework that the author recounts the life and actions of Wandering Spirit, from boyhood to his death by hanging. Radison’s lucid style, free of academic jargon, makes this book accessible to scholars and the general reader alike."

--John D. Pihach, Author of Ukrainian Geneology (Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press)


"[W]hat [Radison has] presented as the events leading up to the [Frog Lake] massacre are the best I've read."

--Robert W. Hendriks, Author of William Bleasdell Cameron: A Life of Writing and Adventure (Athabasca University Press)